API Standard
Wellhead Casing
Hangers And
Secondary Seals
Durable design with heavy duty latching
mechanism. Minimum maintenance required
due to fewer parts. Self energized by its
own weight. Order Now
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the products
in any color
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The Impact Energy wellhead sealing systems are field proven over the years. The heavy duty case hanger, combined with secondary seals, provide reliable sealing for wellheads under high pressure operations. All our hangers and sealing components are available in all standard API sizes.
Casing Hanger

The casing hanger is designed to last. With only a handful of parts, the chances of failure is minimized. And there is less maintenance required.

Durable latching system with locking mechanism;
Suitable for high pressure operation;
Self resting and positive annular sealing.

Secondary seals

Designed for high pressure applications, the WPE and WHPE secondary seals are installed at the bottom of casing spools and tubing spools to provide perfectly sealed connections.

Snapped with wire (WPE) or threaded in (WHPE);
Available in various sizes.

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