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Impact Energy API 6A casing heads, casing spools and tubing spools incorporate straight bore design and are suitable to a wide range of well completion applications. JMP wellheads are engineered and manufactured to support heavy loads, and last longer.
Casing Heads

The Impact Energy casing heads are specially designed with a landing offset so that the wellhead supports heavy payloads. These casing heads are campatible with various types of slip and mandrel casing hangers.

Effectively prevent test plugs from wedging;
Suitable for high pressure operation;
Custom sizes available upon requests.

Casing Spools

Engineered to operate under heavy loads and high pressure, the Impact Energy casing spools works well with many slip and mandrel type casing hangers for your well head completion.

Studded side outliets;
Secured by locking screws;
Available in various sizes.

Tubing Spools

Long lasting, straight-bore tubing spools that complete your completion.

Designed to suit single or multiple completions;
Compatible with wide range of tube hangers;
Custom sizes available upon requests.

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